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Posts about culture in Italy. Festivals, religion, etiquette, language, and more.

Italian Decor: Fornasetti’s Cupole Series is My New Obsession

The exquisite, suggestive, and timeless beauty of Fornasetti's iconic design is perfected in his famous dome plates.

The Extravagantly-Priced New Coffee Table Book About the Vatican

A coffee table book about the Vatican that drips with luxury and power.

Best Places to Live in Italy: The Quality of Life Index 2022

If it's top among Italians, it must be good! The Italy Quality of Life survey is a great way to learn about places to live in or visit.

Black Friday: Great Deals and Gift Ideas for Italy Lovers

Curated Black Friday and Cyber Week deals for italophiles and those who love them.

The White Lotus Season 2: Stunning Locations in Sunny Sicily

White Lotus Season 2 features gorgeous and mysterious Sicily. Learn more about the amazing hotels and villas in Taormina, Noto, and Palermo where you ...

How to Have a ‘Sideways’ Visit in Tuscany

The wine that got Sideways's Maya into wine is grown in a single vineyard in southern Tuscany.

Best Serie A Kits 2022/23

Here are more than 20 reasons to be excited about the 2022/23 Serie A season. Will you be rocking a new Serie A kit this year?

Searching for Italy with Stanley Tucci: Locations for Part 2 of Season 2

Stanley Tucci returns with four more episodes of his show Searching for Italy. Season 2, Part 2 episodes on Calabria, Sardinia, Liguria, and Puglia.

9 New Books for the Italy Lover in 2022

Bestsellers, beach reads, and biographies. Add these books set in Italy to your summer reading list.

History of the Crucifixion

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the history of the crucifixion during the age of Ancient Rome, here is a fascinating podcast to listen to on ...

Bergamo and Brescia ‘Shine’ as Dual Capitals of Italian Culture

Lombard cities Bergamo and Brescia unite as the 2023 Italian Capital of Culture.

More Than Måneskin: Italian Music to Listen to Right Now

When it comes to current Italian music, there's way more than Måneskin.

How to Buy a House in Italy: Q&A with Real Estate Expert Nikki Taylor

Buying your dream home in Italy is not easy. But these tips from an expert in Italian real estate could help turn your dreams into reality.

Paolo Sorrentino’s Naples: The People and Places of “The Hand of God”

"The Hand of God" is packed with beautiful and surreal scenes of Naples. Learn about the locations, people, and cultural references in Sorrentino's ...

Best Places to Live in Italy 2021: The Quality of Life Index

Trieste is the best place to live in Italy in 2021. Discover what other Italian provinces ranked in the top 25 of the annual Quality of Life index.

Gift Ideas For Your Italy-loving Friend or Relative

From fragrance to formaggio, here are some obvious and no-so-obvious Italian gifts for your Italy loving loved ones.

How to Stream Serie A Matches in the USA

I got Paramount+ to watch Serie A, Champions League, and Europa League matches. It's worth it...but it could be even better.

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