The White Lotus Returns for Season II With a New Setting: Sunny Sicily

white lotus sicily

White Lotus Season II will feature gorgeous and mysterious Taormina, Sicily, when it returns to the screen in October 2022.

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The first season of HBO’s The White Lotus was so cool and neurotic that I was hoping for Season II. So was I ever surprised when I learned there would not only be a second season but that it would be set in Sicily!

The White Lotus Sicily — Promo from HBO

The exact filming location is in and around the San Domenico Palace, recently acquired and restored by the Four Seasons Group. The legendary Taormina hotel, which overlooks ancient ruins and Mt. Etna, will stand in for the fictional White Lotus Resort Sicily. The historic luxury property will no doubt be an evocative and cinematic backdrop for the hotel drama.

The White Lotus Season II will again star the very funny and nuanced Jennifer Coolidge (Tanya McQuoid), fresh off her Emmy win for the first season. Arriving this season as White Lotus “guests” will be F. Murray Abraham, Michael Imperioli, and Aubrey Plaza, to name just a few.

You can watch The White Lotus Sicily on HBO/HBO Max. Season I is currently streaming while Season II will debut in October.



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