Best Serie A Kits 2022/23

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No matter if you are going to a match in Italy, watching soccer on tv, or suiting up for a game with friends, it’s fun to wear the colors of your favorite team.

But even though the team colors never change, team kits—particularly the jerseys—do. Each new season brings a new design, be it a wider stripe, a subtle pattern, an updated logo, or a new sponsor. New jersey designs keep players looking fresh as well as give fans a new product to collect or wear.

Each team has a home kit and an away kit and most teams have a third kit in case their away colors are deemed too similar to the opposing team’s colors. Wealthier teams may have a fourth kit (or, sometimes, a “second third”) or other special edition kits (e.g., see Napoli’s 2021 commemorative Maradona kits). Goalkeeper jerseys also change from year to year.

Following are every team’s Serie A kits for the 2022/23 season. I’ve included the home, away, and third kits, where applicable. (In some cases, where I couldn’t find a confirmed third kit, I substituted a goalkeeper kit. I’ll continue to update this post when I get confirmations.)

You can purchase authentic or replica jerseys directly from the team websites or, in some cases, from official team stores on If you’re buying your jersey or kit from Italy—whether online or in person—look for the “Kit Gara” (competition kit) or “Maglia Gara” (competition jersey).

If you aren’t in Italy, you can find some kits online—even from your local Amazon—particularly as the season progresses and jerseys are made available for purchase outside Italy. Other places to buy Serie A jerseys online include from the team’s kit sponsor (e.g., Puma for AC Milan kits, New Balance for Roma kits, etc.);;; sporting goods shops like Dick’s Sporting Goods; and eBay. You may also be able to find team gear and accessories for “name-brand” teams such as AC Milan, Juve, and Inter from discount overstock stores like Marshall’s and Tj Maxx.

Ok…here we go!

A.C. Milan

Milan home jersey 2022/23

AC Milan Home Kit

AC Milan Away Kit

AC Milan Third Kit

AC Milan’s away and third jerseys are the standout here, IMO. I don’t like the squared-off stripes of the home jersey. I always like Milan’s away maglia, which is always a crisp white with some kind of red and/or black stripe. The 2022-23 Milan away jersey uses an atypical horizontal stripe pattern, giving it a fresh appearance. The third jersey, in olive green with yellow lettering, is gorgeous with its very subtle black stripe background pattern.

AC Milan Store on

AC Milan store on

AC Milan gear on


Atalanta Home Kit

Atalanta Away Kit

Atalanta Third Kit

Again, I like the away jersey, particularly for the image of Atalanta, the goddess of running. This is the same image that Atalanta used on their kits from 1963 to 1981 and on their away kits the last few years. By the way, Atalanta’s only major trophy came in 1963 when they won the Coppa Italia.

Atalanta gear on


Bologna Home Kit

Bologna Away Kit

Bologna Third Kit

While Bologna’s home kit looks the same as previous ones, there is one small detail that makes it stand out. Click through and you’ll see that “BFC” for Bologna Football Club is part of the background pattern. That said, Bologna’s nearly plain white second jersey looks elegant and the third jersey is the first of several yellow third kits.

Bologna FC gear on


Cremonese Home Kit

Cremonese Away Kit

Cremonese Third Kit

Cremonese, also known as the Grigiarossa (grey and red), haven’t been in Serie A since the 1995-96 season, so it’s not surprising their jersey design needs a little help. The away kit has a nice touch with the pink collar. But the third jersey is very busy in true Serie B fashion.


Empoli Home Kit

Empoli Away Kit

Empoli Third Kit

I wish Empoli could attract a better main sponsor…


Fiorentina Home Kit

Fiorentina Away Kit

Fiorentina Third Kit

Fiorentina’s jerseys always look stylish—it’s the purple for me. But I am absolutely drooling over Fiorentina’s third kit, which was inspired by the Sala dei Gigli (Hall of Lilies) in the Palazzo Vecchio. The blue-and-gold third jersey is a masterclass in incorporating city symbols into jersey design. Also note that Fiorentina introduced a new, more squared-off logo for this season.

Fiorentina gear on

Hellas Verona

Hellas Verona Home Kit

Hellas Verona Away Kit

Hellas Verona Third Kit

I feel like Verona’s ultras will like the Fred Perry-like polo style of the away jersey. Since Hellas already has yellow as one of its main colors, it chose a rich green for its third kit. This is surprising, since Serie A instructed teams (other than those with green home colors) to stop using green kits because they interfere with ad overlay technology.

Hellas Verona store on

Inter Milan

Inter Home Kit

Inter Away Kit

Inter Third Kit

I’m sorry, but Inter’s home kit are boring this year. I much prefer the reptile pattern from the 21/22 season. The away kit, with a map of the world in subtle green, is kinda cool though.

Inter Milan gear on

Inter Milan gear on

Inter Milan gear on

That’s one beautiful hoodie


Rather pretty for an ‘ugly’ Christmas sweater



Juventus Home Kit

Juventus Away Kit

Juventus Third Kit

Juve’s home jersey looks like tire treads (homage to Jeep?). On closer inspection, the “treads” are made up of small triangles that look inspired by the Adidas logo. Either way, their second kit is much more stylish. See also the lightning bolts in the Jeep logo. The third kit, released in September, is getting praise from the football press.

Juventus gear on

Juventus gear on

Juventus gear on


Lazio Home Kit

Lazio Away Kit

Lazio Third Kit

Lazio’s home jersey looks about the same as it always does. But they switched it up on the away and third jerseys, using black for away games and white for an alternate look.

Lazio gear on


Lecce Home Kit

Lecce Away Kit

Lecce Third Kit

I’m so glad to see Lecce back in Serie A! Lecce finally made it to Serie A for the 2019/2020 season, only to see the season implode because of the pandemic. Now the Puglia squad is back and wishing for a better season and a better result. As of this writing, Lecce’s 2022/2023 kits are not available for sale online, which is too bad because they are FIRE. I am really digging the sleek away look and the third kit, with the silhouette of Lecce’s gorgeous baroque cityscape, is a really nice touch.


Monza Home Kit

Monza Away Kit

Monza Third Kit

Monza is up from Serie B this year, so excuse them for the rather basic kits. Nice job, though, getting a sponsor with the same initial as the team. 🙂 Their third kit, first worn on September 5, 2022, is a cool sky blue, which looks nice with the contrasting red-white stripe down the left side.


Napoli Home Kit

Napoli Away Kit

Napoli Third Kit

Napoli is practically unrecognizable this year. But the team has picked up momentum thanks to a rebuilt roster. But when it came to kit design, Napoli didn’t stray from the classic looks. I like the stripe effect on the sleeves of the home and away kits. But the third jersey is a little uninspired.

Napoli gear on


Roma Home Kit

Roma Away Kit

Roma Third Kit

Roma has THE Serie A kit to get this season, thanks to #21 Paulo Dybala. They signed the popular striker after contract talks failed with his long-time squad Juventus, then feted him with an amazing introduction party. His jersey has now even broken Christiano Ronaldo’s record for most jerseys sold on the first day. While Roma’s second jersey is pretty standard, Roma’s third kit, released in mid-September, has a holographic logo. The first holographic logo on a jersey? Not sure. But anyhow, beyond the official kits, Roma has the coolest t-shirts and New Balance sneakers in giallorosso colors.

Roma gear on

AS Roma store on


Salernitana Home Kit

Salernitana Away Kit

Salernitana Third Kit

Salernitana barely survived Serie A demotion last season. But they are back with style! The Salerno side did nice work on their kits for 2022/23. I especially like the “L” frames on the third jersey. And who doesn’t love a seahorse logo? Alas, it appears that the team’s kits are currently only available for purchase from the Salernitana stores in Salerno. But they may soon come available on


Sampdoria Home Kit

Sampdoria Away Kit

Sampdoria Third Kit

I cannot tell a lie—I have a soft spot for Sampdoria. And after seeing these kits, who could blame me? Pardon the mixed sports metaphors, but Sampdoria knocked it out of the park with these jerseys. The third kit, with its cuff striping and notched neck, is covetable.

Sampdoria gear on


Sassuolo Home Kit

Sassuolo Away Kit

Sassuolo Third Kit

Sassuolo had some of the best jerseys last season. They didn’t do too bad this season, either. I really like the away jersey with just a hint of black. The aqua third kit works well with Sassuolo’s neroverde color scheme.

Sassuolo gear on


Spezia Home Kit

Spezia Away Kit

Spezia Third Kit

I didn’t really think much of Spezia’s home and away jerseys the first time I saw them. But I’ve come around to them, especially since I noticed the color transitions on the collar and tail. The third jersey, inspired by the Cinque Terre (!), is a riot of pastel. I dig it!


Torino Home Kit

Torino Away Kit

Torino Third Kit

Torino always delivers a classic look, leaving flashiness to their crosstown rivals. This season, the Granata incorporates the Toro (bull) logo on both the chest and in silhouette. I’m digging their modern-looking third kit, which is two-toned with sponsor logos in neon yellow.


Udinese Home Kit

Udinese Away Kit

Udinese Third Kit

Udinese’s first kit looks like a cycling jersey at first glance. That’s not such as bad thing. The away jersey is quite nice with its toned-down buttercup yellow.

2022/23 Serie A Kit Recap

There are a lot of good kits this year! But here are my favorites, based on design not team:

  • Best overall kit collection: AC Milan, Fiorentina, Sampdoria
  • Best home kit: Fiorentina, Roma, Sampdoria
  • Best away kits: AC Milan, Juve, Sassuolo, Udinese
  • Best third kits: AC Milan, Fiorentina, Lecce, Salernitana, Sampdoria, Spezia, Torino (lots of good ones!)
  • Best kit among the newly promoted teams: Lecce


As other third kits and special editions drop, I’ll update this post some more.

Thanks for reading! And enjoy the season!

Last updated on September 21st, 2023

Post first published on August 9, 2022

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