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What to Pack for a Trip to Italy

Packing for Italy and not sure where to start? Let me help. I've traveled all over Italy in every season—alone, with my family, as part of a tour group, and while doing research for some of the ...

Best Shoes to Pack for Italy

Packing for a trip to Italy can be hard. On the one hand, you want to be stylish. On the other, you want to be comfortable as you walk around museums in Florence and ruins in Pompeii. The same ...

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Best Travel Booking Resources for Italy

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I like to use these companies when I book travel to and within Italy. Book Flights to Italy Expedia. Good ol' Expedia has been around for a while, which is why I keep coming back to them -- ...

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Six of the Best Books About Rome and Its History

View of the Roman Forum and Colosseum

Thousands of books have been written about Rome and its history. But these are the ones I keep on my bookshelf for quick reference. For an even wider selection of books about Rome, see my Rome ...