The Extravagantly-Priced New Coffee Table Book About the Vatican


What Would The Young Pope Do? If he were the sexy, lithe pope played by Jude Law and envisioned by Paolo Sorrentino, he would snatch up this extravagant new coffee table book that takes you on a private visit to the Vatican.

Sheathed in luxurious Vatican yellow, the pricy and hefty book weighs 21.4 lbs (9.71 kg). I would tell you what the price is (in the 4 figures). But, with the way that inflation is these days, I’d better not mention it here.

Take a look at these beautiful pages. Luxury publisher Assouline also has a beautiful carousel of selected pages from on its website.

Vatican: A private visit to a secret world

as of 27 May 2023 1:37 pm

Believe it or not, the black and white photo of bishops, above, is not a Sorrentino-esque reimagining of the swinging 60s in the Sistine Chapel. It’s an actual photo from 1963. Maybe this is the very photo that spoke to Sorrentino when he decided to cast Jude Law as the Bishop of Rome. Perhaps this is revealed in the text within the folds of this volume. Who knows? Only those who can shell out this amount of money for a singular book.

It makes sense that this book would be expensive. In fact, of. the 10 most expensive books ever sold in the world, seven of them were related to religion, be they psalm books or Gutenberg Bibles.

If Madonna hadn’t done it already, this Assouline special edition would certainly have been named the Immaculate Collection.

Vatican: A Private Visit to a Secret World | ASSOULINE

Illustrated with archival images and dramatic photography, this handcrafted Ultimate Collection volume features insightful texts by ...

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