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War and Peace: Exploring the Golden Age of Rome in ‘PAX’

How often do you think about the Roman Empire? Now, you can think about it even more thanks to Tom Holland's new book PAX: War and Peace in Rome's ...

History of the Crucifixion

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the history of the crucifixion during the age of Ancient Rome, here is a fascinating podcast to listen to on ...

Mausoleum of Augustus to Reopen in Rome

One of the most important monuments of Ancient Rome, the Mausoleum of Augustus, will reopen to the public in 2021.

Damnatio Memoriae: How Ancient Romans Canceled Their Rivals

Damnatio Memoriae, a modern description of a common Roman practice, condemned unpopular leaders to oblivion. Here's how that worked and what we can ...

‘Romulus’ TV Series a Dramatic Look at the Founding of Rome

Romulus is a 10-part tv series about Rome's origin story told entirely in archaic Latin.

Archaeologists Uncover Roman Mosaic Under Veneto Vineyard

The 3rd century ruins are located near Verona.

Rome Wasn’t Built In a Day. So How Long Did It Take?

Rome wasn't built in a day but over thousands of years. Here's how long it took to build some of the Eternal City's most famous attractions.

Bulgari to Fund Torre Argentina Restoration in Rome

The Torre Argentina archeological area lies at the heart of Rome, both historically and geographically, but it has always been off-limits to ...

20-Minute Crash Course on Ancient Roman History [Video]

Learn about ancient Rome in XX minutes - that's 20 minutes, Roman style!

The Coolest View of the Colosseum

The Colosseum is a fascinating structure no matter where you view it. But my favorite perch from which to view the Colosseum has to be on this ...

The Rise and Fall of Rome Found in Layers of Arctic Ice

A new study shows how scientists can learn about Ancient Rome from layers of Arctic ice.

Upper Floors of the Colosseum Open to Visitors

You can now explore the fourth and fifth floors of the Colosseum.

Ancient Ruins, Virtual Reality: Archaeological Sites Embrace VR For Enhanced Experiences

The Domus Aurea, also known as Nero's Golden Palace, is the latest attraction to offer visitors the chance to wear virtual reality headsets ...

Rome’s Ancient Pantheon to Begin Charging Admission — Wait, No It Won’t

Update, December 2018: Local authorities changed tack and decided NOT to impose an entry fee to the Pantheon. For now. The Pantheon, ...

The Atlas of Ancient Rome: Your New Favorite Coffee Table Book

The Atlas of Ancient Rome, a gorgeous, new two-volume set edited by Andrea Carandini, promises to be an "authoritative archeological survey of Rome ...

You Now Have to Pay to See Rome’s “Mouth of Truth”

Truth is, it was bound to happen. Church officials at Santa Maria in Cosmedin, site of Rome's "Mouth of Truth" (Bocca della Verita), have decided to ...

Natale di Roma: Rome Celebrates Its Birthday

The city of Rome was born on April 21, 753 BC.

A Show of Hands: A Look at the Marble Hands of Ancient Statues in Rome

It all started with David. Michelangelo's statue of David was one of the first pieces of sculpture that I knew I had to see in ...