Abruzzo Travel Guide

From its rugged, mountainous national parks to its less touristy Adriatic beaches, Abruzzo is, as noted by writer Giorgio Manganelli, "a great ...

Campo Felice: Skiing and Sledding in Abruzzo

Campo Felice is an easy winter day trip from Rome.

Giulianova: A Beachside Gem in Abruzzo

Beaches in Abruzzo don't get much press. They are far from most tourist sites. But that's exactly what makes them enjoyable. We had an opportunity - ...

Italy’s First Wine Fountain Opens in Abruzzo — and the Wine is Free

Wine lovers have a fun new reason to make a trip to Abruzzo.

How to Spend One Year in Italy

How do you spend one year in Italy? Here's a month-by-month, personal account of my first year living and traveling in Italy.

Three Italian Villages Where You Can Buy a House for Less Than A Cup of Coffee

The Daily Mail reports on three depopulated Italian towns -- Gangi (Sicily), Carrega Ligure (Piedmont), and Lecce nei Marsi (Abruzzo) -- that are ...

Earthquakes in Italy and a Map of Italy’s Earthquake Zones

Earthquakes can strike nearly anywhere in Italy. Learn more about seismic activity in Italy, from historic quakes to earthquake monitoring resources.

Abruzzo’s Beffi Triptych

The Beffi Triptych spends time in the U.S. following the devastating earthquake in Abruzzo.

L’Aquila Earthquake Info

The full extent of the damage to L'Aquila and the surrounding area after yesterday's 6.3 earthquake is still not known. As of now, there are at least ...

A Snowy ‘Staycation’ in Rome

Skiing and sledding within a tank of gas from Rome.

Authentic Accommodations in Abruzzi

Those who may have watched CBS Sunday Morning* yesterday probably caught the Allen Pizzey "Postcard: Abruzzi" piece, which profiled a castle in the ...

Vasto: An Unspoiled Beach in Abruzzo

Earlier today, we wrote about the travel potential of the region Puglia, this year's emerging star of Italian tourism. Well, if Puglia is the new ...

20 Things To Love About Italy: Abruzzo to Lombardy

Part 1 of 20 Things We Love About Italy includes travel ideas for the regions of Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Emilia Romagna, ...