20-Minute Crash Course on Ancient Roman History [Video]

Learn about ancient Rome in XX minutes - that's 20 minutes, Roman style!

Living in Rome: Delighting in the Details [Video]

People often ask me what it's like living in Rome. And it's hard to give an answer that pleases everyone. There is the breathtaking beauty (the ...

Paris Through the Eyes of a Roman [Video]

The video from Ritals does a humorous job of explaining what makes Rome great even in the face of Paris's beauty and comparative orderliness.

Ancient Ruins, Virtual Reality: Archaeological Sites Embrace VR For Enhanced Experiences

The Domus Aurea, also known as Nero's Golden Palace, is the latest attraction to offer visitors the chance to wear virtual reality headsets ...

Italy’s Alpini Corps: The Traditions Beyond the Feathered Cap

The grey felt cap adorned with a black raven feather worn by old northern Italian men and some modern-day camouflaged troops is known as the ...

New App Wants to Protect ‘Made in Italy’ Brand By Helping Consumers Spot Fakes

The "Made in Italy" brand is one of the world's most recognized and coveted labels. Given this cachet, many manufacturers have tried over the years ...

Amatrice As It Was Before

There won't be a next time. Amatrice has been on my "next time" list for the past two years. We have talked about visiting the town for a Sunday ...

On This Day: ‘La Dolce Vita’ Wins the Cannes Film Festival

On May 20, 1960, Federico Fellini's "La Dolce Vita" won the Palme d'Or at Cannes. Watch "Three Reasons" why this film remains a classic. ...

Lovely Time Lapse Video of Rome

I always love a good time-lapse video, and especially if it features Rome! Here's a very recent one that shows Rome in her late summer splendor. ...

Italy Hit Parade Vol. I

Discovering new or new-to-me music has always been one of my favorite things about traveling and living abroad. So I plan to use this space to bring ...

Surf Italiano: Two Films About Surfing in Italy

Watch the trailers of "Peninsula" and "Bella Vita," two documentaries on surfing in Italy.

There’s Only One Rome [Video]

Pretty, dreamy, well-edited little vimeo of Rome.

The Best Ever In-Depth Video of Siena’s Palio

Inspiration always seems to find me when I'm not looking and that is exactly what happened as I settled in to watch a few minutes of television last ...

Centuries of History and 300,000 Wheels of Cheese Destroyed in Deadly Italy Earthquake

The latest reports about the earthquake that hit Emilia-Romagna this weekend state that at least seven people were killed, 50 injured, and more than ...

Dreaming of Basilicata

Bad experiences can happen in Italy. You may lose your wallet, have to deal with a brusque waiter, or turn your ankle while walking on a cobbled ...

Culinary Tour of Ravenna

Cooking school teacher and chef Angela Schiavina shows off the culinary riches of Ravenna in this "My City" video from The Guardian.

How Does Venice Work?

Although Venice has been sinking into the Adriatic sea for centuries, visitors, as well as many residents, pay little mind to this fact other than ...

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