Michelangelo and Fra Angelico: Two Renaissance Greats Who Died on the Same Day

Michelangelo and Fra Angelico were Italian Renaissance artists who died on the same day (many years apart).

Italy and the Written Word: Places to Celebrate Writing History

From ancient Latin script to modern fonts, Italy has contributed greatly to the history of the written word. Visit these places to learn more.

9,036-piece Colosseum Is LEGO’s Largest Kit Ever

LEGO Colosseum

In a year that has had little to no travel and more time than usual spent at home, LEGO has unveiled its massive 9,036-piece Colosseum builder kit. The Colosseum is LEGO’s biggest building set yet, edging out the Millennium Falcon set which has 7,541 pieces. Once built, the LEGO Colosseum measures over 10.5” (27cm) high, … Read more

The Triumph of Death: Mysterious Plague Painting in Palermo

Triumph of Death Palermo

Throughout the long, lonely months of our modern pandemic, I’ve been thinking about a dark and mysterious painting in Palermo known as “The Triumph of Death.” Known in Italian as Il Trionfo della Morte, the painting hangs in Palazzo Abatellis, a regional gallery in the Kalsa quarter of the Sicilian capital. Measuring 6 m x … Read more

Tuscany’s Wine Windows – An Architectural Curiosity Makes a Comeback

First used during the bubonic plague in the 17th century, Tuscany’s wine windows are reopening. Learn more about “buchette del vino” and where to find them.