Paris Through the Eyes of a Roman [Video]

The video from Ritals does a humorous job of explaining what makes Rome great even in the face of Paris's beauty and comparative orderliness.
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I love Paris. But, Rome will forever be the Caput Mundi. La Città Eterna. La Città Più Bella del Mondo.

With this bias in mind, I thoroughly enjoyed this video of looking at Paris from a Roman perspective.

The Ritals web series does a humorous job of breaking down what makes Rome great even in the face of Paris’s beauty and comparative orderliness.

You’re going to need Italian and some French to get through this bilingual video. But even if you aren’t fluent, you’ll get the gist. I especially like the part where they show the architectural roots of Paris’s version of the Pantheon.

Last updated on January 27th, 2021

Post first published on 29 March 2017