Italy Hit Parade Vol. I

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Discovering new or new-to-me music has always been one of my favorite things about traveling and living abroad. So I plan to use this space to bring you some of the songs that I’m listening to in Italy. Some of the music will be bubbly pop, some hip hop, some…I don’t know what. But most, if not all, will come from the radio and MTV (which actually plays videos here).

Note that some of these videos may not play because of region restrictions or on mobile. I really have no way of knowing if every video will work. So consider IHP Vol. I the first test.

Rocco Hunt is one of the more successful (and accessible) hip hop artists in Italy.

I’ve heard this Diodato song so many times in the past month, I can’t bear to hear it anymore. But it’s incredibly catchy the first 100 times you hear it.

Another hip hop hit, this time from Raige. “Ulisse,” which was filmed in Polignano, Santa Maria di Leuca, Brindisi e Gallipoli, is just a gorgeous video to look at–even if, as one Italian YouTube commenter pointed out, the color of the sea before and after is two different colors. Oh no!

A lovely song from Biagio Antonacci which recalls that feeling after a break-up when you realize you haven’t thought about the person in a while (and that makes you happy).





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