Famous view from Ravello along the Amalfi Coast in Campania

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Campania is one of those regions that has it all.

Naples, the capital of Campania, is a lively yet mysterious city whose influence stretches across the entire region and beyond. The cityscape of Naples is unmistakable, with still-active Mount Vesuvius looming along the city edge.

Not far from Naples are the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum, two ancient cities that were destroyed by ash and lava from Vesuvius.

Across the Bay of Naples lie the famous islands of Capri, Ischia, and Procida. Capri, the closest island to the mainland, faces Sorrento, the gateway to the world-famous Amalfi Coast (Costiera Amalfitana). This stunning coastline of colorful cliffside villages is dotted with vineyards and fragrant lemon trees.

Moving south from the Amalfi Coast is Paestum, which has Ancient Greek temple ruins. Here is also the Cilento, a sub-region that is characterized by farmland, natural coastal areas, and the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park.

North of Naples is Caserta, home of the sprawling and impressive Reggia di Caserta Royal Palace. Benevento, to the northeast, is a small town with a UNESCO site.

Campania Map

Campania is the ninth largest region in Italy and is bordered by Lazio, Molise, Abruzzo, Puglia, and Calabria.

Where to Go in Campania

Campania has six sites that are designated as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

The island group known as the Flegrean Islands is part of the Metropolitan City of Naples. The group includes the islands of Capri, Ischia, and Procida, marked in blue on the map above.

Where to Stay in Campania

Villa Diomede. Pompeii. Very basic accommodations steps from the ruins. I went in the off-season (February), so I have no idea how loud and busy it can get. If you don’t want to stay overnight in Pompeii, check out this article on how to take a day trip from Rome to Pompeii.

Hotel Paradiso Residence. Castellabate. Great spot for a beach vacation in Campania near Salerno and Paestum. Fabulous food.

Il Leone di Mare. Procida. Relaxing, spacious hotel perfect for a beach trip with family. We had a patio (useful for drying bathing suits at the end of the day or watching the sunset). Beach and dinner options were a five-minute walk away; uphill on the way back. A/C worked well and the staff was super friendly and helpful.

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