Juventus Tickets

Juventus is one of the premier football clubs of Serie A.

Here are several ways to buy tickets to a Juventus match:


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Established on November 1, 1897, Juventus FC—affectionately known as “La Vecchia Signora” (the “Old Lady”)—is a titan of Serie A, thrilling fans at the modern Allianz Stadium in Turin.

Juventus’ most intense rivalry is with Inter Milan. Their epic encounters, known as the “Derby d’Italia,” are some of Italian football’s most high-stakes matches. Juventus also has a heated rivalry with SSC Napoli, especially when it comes to the southern Italian fanbase.

Allianz Stadium, inaugurated in 2011, is one of Italy’s most modern football venues, known for its unique architectural design and remarkable atmosphere.

Juventus Stadium is one of the nicest stadiums in Serie A and Juventus is always one of the hot teams to watch.

I bought tickets from ViaGoGo when I went to see a Juventus match in Turin, so I recommend checking out tickets from them or StubHub if you can’t find tickets on the official Juventus website.

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