Vasto: An Unspoiled Beach in Abruzzo

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Earlier today, we wrote about the travel potential of the region Puglia, this year’s emerging star of Italian tourism. Well, if Puglia is the new Tuscany then some years from now Abruzzo will be the new Puglia.

Richard Norton-Taylor writes about Vasto, a largely “unknown” beach on the Costa Abruzzese for the The Guardian.

There are fewer and fewer places left around the European shores of the Mediterranean where you can bathe in safe, clean water by a quiet beach in front of orchards and vineyards. Fewer still where such is the volume of traffic that you can pick up your luggage at an international airport just minutes after you have landed.

Abruzzo, with mountains to the west, and the Adriatic in the east, is still an unspoilt region of Italy. Unpretentious as well as unspoilt is Vasto, about an hour south of the airport at Pescara. 

If this spot is still largely unknown to sun-worshipping Brits, then it really must be unspoiled!

Last updated on February 19th, 2021

Post first published on May 21, 2008

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