Photo: Teatro Marcello, Rome

Teatro Marcello Rome

Walking daily among or near ruins, such as the Teatro Marcello, is one of the reasons why people fall in love with Rome. The Theater of Marcellus or Teatro Marcello, was inaugurated in 12 BCE by ...

Snow in Rome – Roma Sotto La Neve [Photos]

Piazza del Popolo Snow

I'm not much of a winter person. That's one reason I like Rome so much. It rarely snows here. The last time was in 2012 - six years ago. Despite that, I have always wanted to see Rome with a ...

Cityscape of Matera, Basilicata

Today's photo comes from the stony, surreal cityscape of Matera, Basilicata. I was reminded to post about the 2019 Italian Capitale della Cultura after yesterday's announcement proclaiming Parma ...

Mercato Nomentano, Rome

Snapshot of a Saturday morning shopping at the Mercato Nomentano, one of the few remaining traditional, covered markets in Rome.

Best Places to Kiss in Rome

Archway on the Via Giulia

Before I tell you about the best places to kiss in Rome, you’ve got to really want to kiss and be kissed. This is not the place for pecks on the cheek. This is where you go for the gusto. ...