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Caffè Meletti in Ascoli Piceno

Caffe Meletti Ascoli Piceno Marche

I was excited to visit Ascoli Piceno because I wanted to eat olive ascolane at the source. But I soon learned about this beautiful bar in the center of town, Caffè Meletti, which is known for its anisette.

Anisetta Meletti, first distilled in 1870, predates most other Italian liqueurs. It is customary to drink Meletti with three espresso beans or “mosche” (flies).

This is the first post in my #30dayphotochallenge for spring. Today’s topic was “cafe.”

If you want to play along, here’s the list of topics:

I am posting photos for the #30dayphotochallenge concurrently on Instagram and on the blog. It’s a way to refocus myself during this time of crisis — a daily reminder of all that I love about Italy. Hopefully, it will be a daily inspiration to readers, too.

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