#amatricianaXamatrice to Raise Money for Earthquake Relief

Yesterday in my post about the earthquake in Central Italy, I mentioned that Italian blogger Paolo Campana had started an initiative for diners and restaurants to raise money for earthquake relief (for Amatrice and the entire affected region) by ordering dishes of amatriciana.

It’s less than 24 hours since this campaign got underway. And Paolo tells me that there is not (yet) a definitive list of restaurants that are participating in this initiative. But you can follow the hashtag #amatricianaxamatrice on Facebook or Twitter to find more information. If you know of any restaurants that are raising money for earthquake relief via the sales of amatriciana, please leave information in the comments.

Likewise, if you are a restaurant and would like to participate, you can download a high-res PDF of the AMAtriciana flyer (pictured above) for your restaurant or website.

You can donate money directly to the Italian Red Cross, the IBAN (wire transfer information) for the Croce Rossa Italiana is located directly on the flyer. Cell phone users in Italy can text 45500 to automatically donate €2.

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