Michelangelo and Fra Angelico: Two Renaissance Greats Who Died on the Same Day

Michelangelo and Fra Angelico were Italian Renaissance artists who died on the same day (many years apart).

Raphael’s Loggia of Cupid and Psyche Now in Exquisite, Digital Detail

villa farnesina rome

In addition to the many paintings that Raphael painted during his short life, the artist was also responsible for a roomful of frescoes in a Roman palace that is now known as the Villa Farnesina. From 1517-1518, Raphael and his workshop painted scenes from the fable of Cupid and Psyche on the vaulted ceiling of … Read more

Walking Via Giulia

Rome’s famous Renaissance street, Via Giulia, is celebrating its 500th anniversary this year. And, the New York Times‘ Elisabeth Rosenthal provides the history and descriptions of the streets’ sites in her article A Stroll in Rome With a Papal Pedigree. Usually an unharried street, Via Giulia is set to be quite busy this year with … Read more