Don’t Stress About a Long Layover in Rome. Go Here.

QC Termeroma
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A long layover is not as common in Rome as it is in other airport hubs like Paris or London. But layovers and cancellations do happen.

So, if you’re stuck at FCO—Rome’s Fiumicino Airport—here’s the best thing you can do—head to the spa!

The Best Spa Near FCO Airport

The QC Termeroma Spa & Resort is an oasis of calm only seven minutes by taxi from the airport. 7 minutes! There’s also a shuttle service from the airport, which requires pre-booking and a small fee.

QC Termeroma is a full-service day spa that feels like a cross between a modern spa facility and ancient Roman baths. Located on a historic estate “where the ancient imperial tradition of salus per aquam meets modern wellness technology,” QC Terme has a wide variety of pools and fountains where you can relax, heal, and center yourself before dealing with the indignities of airport travel.

The spa’s wellness path features a vineyard, a rose garden trail, an infinity pool, “musical” baths, thinking rooms, saunas, heated whirlpools, and a hard-pulsing, double-nozzled emotional shower that massages you as it cleanses. There are indoor and outdoor lounge areas with beds and comfy chairs where you can rest or have a light snack.

What to Bring

You don’t need to bring much with you to the spa, just a bathing suit. QC provides you with a robe, towel, and slippers when you check in. They will also give you a key or code to a locker where you can place your clothes and handbag. The showers have shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, and there are also hair dryers should you need one.


Day spa fees at QC Termeroma range from €44-89. You can also book a massage, facial, or other body treatment for an additional fee. You can book a day stay at the QC wellness spa here. Directions from FCO to the spa are here.

Hotel Option & Other Locations

In addition to being a day spa and wellness center, QC Termeroma is a 5-star hotel. So, if you are going to be in Rome for an extended period of time, you may want to book one of the relaxing and romantic country chic rooms at the QC Termeroma estate.

By the way, QC is a brand. You will also find their spas in other locations in Italy, such as in the city center of Milan and in the Dolomites.

In Conclusion

“Why not spend a long layover in Rome…in Rome?” you ask? I’ll tell you why.

If you return to Rome you will lose track of all time. It’ll be hard to say goodbye, yet again.

Think of time in the spa on the outskirts of town near the airport as a sort of meditation. It’s precious purgatory—a buffer—between Rome and the reality of back home. A mind cleanse.

Last updated on November 6th, 2023

Post first published on July 16, 2022

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