No Bull: Italy Has a Museum Devoted to Sh*t

A museum in northern Italy wants to explore man’s relationship to manure.

The Museo Della Merda (i.e., The Shit Museum) is located at a dairy farm, on the ground floor of a medieval castle, in the village of Castelbosco (Piacenza) in Emilia Romagna. Piacenza is about halfway between Parma and Milan.

Since opening in 2015, the museum has used its cheeky name to bring attention to ecological projects, such as the use of cattle excrement for home heating purposes, electricity, and sustainable products, such as dung-based flowerpots and vases (“merdacotta”). The Shit Museum’s well-designed, informative website also provide details on methane, the history of manure for building purposes, the usefulness of dung beetles, and the importance of shit for environmental sustainability.

The Museo della Merda is open by appointment only. A date with dung?

Source: This Museum Explores The History Of Man And Manure

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