Fendi, Galleria Borghese Announce Creation of the Caravaggio Research Institute

Caravaggio Boy with Fruit

Fendi has announced that it will invest in a new artistic initiative at the Galleria Borghese aimed at researching and promoting the works of Caravaggio.

The Carvaggio Research Institute, a three-year partnership between the Rome-based fashion house and gallery, will fund local and traveling exhibitions by the 16th-century painter and related artists. It will also establish a center for the study of Caravaggio’s works, seven of which, including ‘Boy With a Basket of Fruit’ and ‘St. Jerome’ are in the Borghese Collection.

Headquartered in Rome, Fendi recently helped fund a long-overdue cleaning of the Trevi Fountain. This was one of several high profile renovation projects in the capital sponsored by a local business, such as the Colosseum cleaning project sponsored by Tod’s/Diego della Valle and the renovation of the Spanish Steps by Rome jewelers Bulgari.

The Galleria Borghese, located in the Villa Borghese, is one of Rome’s best small museums. Reservations are required. Book tickets for the Galleria Borghese here.

via Fendi Inks Partnership With Rome’s Galleria Borghese – WWD

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