August in Italy: The Things You’ll Need

Air conditioning units outside Sicilian apartments
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The prevailing travel wisdom about Italy has always been to avoid going to the country in August.

“Don’t go to Italy in August!” they say, because it’s hot, many shops and restaurants are closed, and the cities are emptied out of residents and replaced by other tourists.

All of this is quite true. But if August is the only time you can take time off to see Florence, Venice, Rome, or any number of cities or villages, then you should go.

Visiting Italy in August is better than not visiting Italy at all.

But you are going to need things to make your August jaunt to Italy a successful one. Here are a few suggestions.

Church Appropriate Clothing

Dress code sign at St. Peter’s Basilica / Photo by vmenkov

The time that you really run into the strict dress code in Italian churches—that of covering bare arms and legs for the sake of modesty—is in summer, when it’s too hot to want to wear anything more than a tank top and shorts.

If your itinerary includes lots of time visiting churches—and even if it doesn’t—make sure you pack smart, both in your suitcase and in your day bag.

Wear shirts that cover your upper arms or bring a wrap/pashmina to cover them. Basically, don’t wear a tank top or spaghetti-strapped top into a church. For bottoms, wear a pair of lightweight pants or a skirt or dress that hits below the knee or longer.

My recommendations here are for women, but men, too, need to be considerate of the dress code.

Church officials don’t always enforce the dress code. But it can be an embarrassment when they do.

A Friend with a Beach House

House on the beach in Italy

You are going to ask yourself, “Self, where are all the Italians?” Well, the Italians are likely at the beach or in the mountains (but mostly the beach) during August in order to escape the heat and also, dear traveler, you.

While it’s hard to score an Italian friend with a beach-side home, you would do well to find out which beaches are closest to your preferred destinations. Or, simply book a vacation near the beach.

You can find lots of holiday homes along Italy’s 4,700 miles (7,600 km) of coastline and many other options in the mountains. Check VRBO Italy Vacation Rentals for some ideas. But do it well in advance, as you will be competing with Italians for the same August getaways.

A Water Bottle

You can easily drink from a fontanella, also known as a nasone, in Rome, or just use it to refill a water bottle.

Pack an empty water bottle in your luggage if you haven’t thought to do so already. They even make collapsible ones now.

One of the joys of traveling around little towns in Italy is that most—if not all—have at least one nasone or nose-shaped faucet in their downtown which residents use for a pure source of aqueduct water.

Fill up your water bottle before you leave your hotel in the morning. Then, once you have depleted your water stores, you can use a nasone to refill your bottle.

Of course, you can also purchase bottled water or other beverages along the way. But this is an economical and environmentally-friendly choice.

Lodging with Air Conditioning

Air conditioning units outside Sicilian apartments

Air conditioning is not a given at hotels in Italy, particularly if you’re staying in budget or religious accommodations.

If you are a budget traveler who prizes cool air in the summer, check to ensure your hotel has AC before you book. Be advised that some places will charge an extra supplement for air conditioning.

A Wine Key (aka Corkscrew)

a knife and a knife
wine key Photo by Denley Photography on Unsplash

My less obvious choice among August in Italy travel accessories is a wine key, also known as a corkscrew or a waiter’s corkscrew.

As more restaurants and bars temporarily close or relocate to the beach in the summer (and in August especially), you may find yourself unable to wine and dine where you wish.

Consider shopping in an alimentari or at local markets for picnic provisions to make your own lunch or dinner. Having a wine key, particularly one that you are comfortable using, may turn a frustrating mealtime into a memorable one.

Many enoteche (wine stores) sell wine keys, too. Side note: You’ll have to pack a wine key in a checked bag if you wish to bring one to Italy.

A Sense of Humor

Sense of Humor, summer

Above all, what’s important for a successful vacation to Italy in August is a sense of humor.

Restaurants you have been researching for months may turn out to be closed for vacation during your stay. Restaurant owners and hotel workers may be grumpy having to deal with the likes of you while their friends and family are off galavanting on the coasts. Or, other tourists may start to make you crazy, crowding you out in the Sistine Chapel or blocking your view on guided tours.

It may be hot in Italy in the summer. But there are many ways to take it in stride.

Enjoy yourself. Eat gelato. Get lost. At last — you’re in Italy.

Flickr: get directly down
Pompeii during the dog days of summer / Flickr: get directly down

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