Ancient Romulus Cave Found

If you believe the legend that Rome was founded more than 2,000 years ago by the twins Romulus and Remus, then the news that scientists have found the Lupercale, the cave where a she-wolf suckled the pair, will surely astonish you.

According to Reuters, archeologists restoring the ancient Palace of Augustus on the Palatine hill found “an underground cavity decorated with seashells, colored marble mosaics, and pumice stones” and said they are “‘reasonably certain’ it is the long-lost place of worship sacred to ancient Romans and known as Lupercale, from the Latin word for wolf.”

In a press conference to announce the discovery, Minister for Cultural Heritage and Activities Francesco Rutelli said, “During the exploration of these days of the Palatine, in the part that gives towards the Circus Maximus, a probe at a depth of 16 meters has found something truly amazing…Italy and Rome never cease to amaze the world with continuous archaeological and artistic discoveries and it is incredible to think that a mythological place may have finally been found.”

Rome’s big dig is hardly over…I’m excited to see what they discover next!

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