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Tuscany First Italian Region to Check In with Foursquare

If you follow this site or my personal website MissAdventures.com, you know that I am gaga for gadgets, social media, and the latest technology. So, I was delighted when Visit Tuscany, the tourism board of the famous Italian region, contacted me to get the word out about its partnership with FourSquare, the social media check-in application. I see this as…


Navmii Italy GPS app for the iPhone
Italy is a joy to drive around, but it can be hell if you get lost. With that in mind, Navmii GPS Live, came out with a specialized iPhone app just for Italy. With the launch of Navmii GPS Live Italy in July 2010, Italy became the 10th European country to get a “fully functioning GPS navigation for less than the cost of a paper map.” Thus, for $4.99, you can get dozens of Italy maps as well as enjoy a GPS system for a fraction of the cost of a whole GPS device.

I am writing about Navmii because its developers recently contacted me about reviewing the device and running a contest for my readers (details below!). While I really wanted to try the app out for myself – I’m a glutton for iPhone apps – I knew that I wouldn’t have a chance to do it this fall. Luckily, I found that Navmii had also contacted my friend Alex Roe of Blog From Italy for a review of Navmii Italy, and he gives a very thorough one. Here is Alex’s summary:

Navmii GPS Live for Italy iPhone App


  • Very Easy to use – once you are familiar with it.
  • Uncluttered maps, clear graphics.
  • Quick.
  • Clear directions, generally.
  • Useful favourites and recent destinations route memory system for regularly used journeys. Useful on holiday for those hotel to beach and back trips, too.
  • Bargain price – no monthly charges.


  • The GPS voice is a little quiet, so the iPhone needs to be integrated into car audio system, if possible.
  • Directions given can be a slightly confusing at times.
  • No ‘fastest route’ or advanced features – but at this price, it’s not to be expected. Navmii got me there!

Navmii GPS Italy Giveaway

As I mentioned above, Navmii has offered to give three of my lucky readers a chance to win their app and try it out on their next vacation to Italy. Alas, dear readers, you must do some investigative work to win this free app!

To win the app, provide the name and URL of one of the top ten most popular posts about driving on Italofile in the comments below. Only one comment per person and only one URL per comment. The first three readers to guess correctly will will receive a code which they can use in the Apple iStore USA.

iPhone Apps for the Italophile

Ever since getting my iPhone last summer, I have become a completely obsessive iPhone addict. And with iPhone addiction comes app addiction. As of this writing, I have 48 (FORTY-EIGHT!) apps and counting, and that doesn’t include the apps that come pre-installed, such as iTunes and Maps. Having an affinity for Italy, travel, and photography has definitely influenced my app…