Leonardo da Vinci

“Leonardo” TV Series Brings the Renaissance Master to Life

"Leonardo," a new dramatic series starring Aidan Turner and Freddie Highmore, explores the life and genius of Leonardo da Vinci.

Renew Yourself With Lessons from the Renaissance

"Your Renaissance" by Maura Garau mines the lives, loves, and art of the Renaissance to help you live your best life.

Leonardo da Vinci: Where to See His Works in Italy

Leonardo da Vinci created many paintings, sketches, and engineering projects in his lifetime. Here's where to find them in Italy.

Venice Hosts Biggest Leonardo da Vinci Show in 30 years

The exhibit "Leonardo da Vinci, The Universal Man" will be at Venice's Accademia, which owns 30 Leonardo works. It will bring together 27 other ...

Leonardo’s Notebooks Come to the U.S.

The Birmingham Museum of Art is the first museum in the U.S. to exhibit the notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci.

The Lost Leonardo

News program 60 Minutes investigates the discovery of "The Lost Leonardo," a long-missing mural by Leonardo da Vinci.

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