Sustainable Travel in Italy: Forging A Better Path After the Pandemic

The post-pandemic era gives us a great opportunity to change how we travel. Here are some tips for sustainable travel in Italy.

Goodbye, 2020! Venetians Get the Last Word of a Terrible Year

A few days before the end of 2020, some Venetians hung a banner over the edge of the Rialto Bridge to say goodbye to a difficult year. #Fanculo2020

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Virtual Visits to Italy’s Museums and UNESCO Sites

Many Italian museums and galleries have made it easier to take virtual visits of their works of art and historical relics.

Drone Footage of Italy’s Empty Cities

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A ‘Corrected’ Caravaggio for the Current Crisis

Italian musician Salmo discusses Caravaggio while in quarantine and creates a cool work of art in the process.

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The hashtag #labellezzaècontagiosa hopes to put a more positive spotlight back on Italy and its treasures.

Dear Italy: Leave the Light On For Us

We're coming back to see you, Italy. But we don't know when.

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