Photo of Lake Como via Ride & Seek
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Ride & Seek’s Caesar bike tour is an epic bicycle tour that will take participants “in Caesar’s footsteps” from London to Rome.

Cyclists will bike through southern England, across France into Champagne country, and into Switzerland before the insane, exhaustive Italy leg of the tour.

Our route through Italy takes us first to Como before heading up towards the stunning limestone peaks of the Dolomites. From here we experience a bit of respite as we descend down to Venice and along the Adriatic coast. After crossing the mythical Rubicon, which marked the boundary between Roman controlled Italy and Cisalpine Gaul, we once again head inland through Tuscany and then more rugged regions of Abruzzo and Molise, before heading due east to our final destination – Rome.

Ride & Seek has split the Caesar bike tour into two, 17-day stages from London to Como or from Como to Rome. Ambitious riders can choose to do the full 33-day adventure. The full tour runs from June 3 to July 5, 2017.

Check out Ride & Seek’s website for more information about the tour, including the food and wine to be consumed, the history to be followed, and even the reading list to tackle before making the two-wheeled journey across some of Europe’s – and Italy’s – most spectacular landscapes.

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