When to Go to Rome

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Rome is a beautiful place to visit no matter what time of year it is. But some times of the year are better than others.

Most Popular Times to Go to Rome

Rome’s busiest time for visitors is during Easter (March/April); summer (late May/early June until the end of August); and during the Christmas season, which runs through January 6 (Epiphany).

During the summer, the city is packed with tourists and can get unbearably hot. July is typically the busiest month for visitors as well as the hottest. Rome is hot and parched by August, which is why many residents flee the city during this month.

Best Time to Go to Rome

…for weather: May and October tend to be absolutely glorious months to visit Rome, with warm, sunny temperatures the norm and fewer tourists than in the high season.

…for smaller crowds: If you want to see Rome when there are the fewest tourists, try visiting during November, January, or February. The weather will be cold and/or rainy. But you are more likely to encounter fewer lines to museums as well as emptier restaurants.

…for events: Easter and Christmas are the main events here. But there are fun and traditional events are going on year-round in Rome. Some highlights include Rome’s Birthday (April 21); May Day (May 1); Republic Day (June 2); Feast Day of Saints Peter and Paul (June 29); and the Day of the Immaculate Conception (December 8).

…for shopping: A lot of Romans time their shopping sprees around the “saldi” (sales), which happen twice a year. Post-Christmas sales begin on or around Janaury 6 and are usually picked-over by the beginning of February. Summer sales begin in early July.

What’s the Weather Like in Rome?

Rome has a mild, Mediterranean climate, which means the city typically has short winters and long, hot summers.

It rarely snows in Rome, but you will need a warm coat and scarf if traveling there between November and March.

The time between November and March is the rainy season in Rome, although sudden soaking storms in summer are also common.

Rome Month by Month

Dates marked with an asterisk* are national and/or local holidays. Banks, schools, government offices, and many businesses will be closed. See the Italy calendar for a list of public holidays.

Rome in January

Average Temperature:

  • 12/3 °C
  • 54/37 °F

Main Events and Festivals:

  • January 1 – New Year’s Day*
  • January 6 – Epiphany*
  • Winter Sales (Saldi)

See Italy in January for more info

Rome in February

Average Temperature:

  • 14/3 °C
  • 57/38 °F

Main Events and Festivals:

  • Carnival (dates vary yearly)
  • February 14 – Valentine’s Day

See Italy in February for more info

Rome in March

Average Temperature:

  • 17/6 °C
  • 62/43 °F

Main Events and Festivals:

  • March 8 – International Women’s Day
  • March 9 – Feast Day of San Francesca Romana
  • March 15 – Ideas of March and Anniversary of Death of Julius Caesar

See Italy in March for more info

Rome in April

Average Temperature:

  • 19/9 °C
  • 67/48 °F

Main Events and Festivals:

  • Good Friday (dates vary)
  • Easter Sunday (dates vary)*
  • Easter Monday (dates vary)*
  • April 21 – Rome’s Birthday
  • April 25 – Liberation Day*

See Italy in April for more info

Rome in May

Average Temperature:

  • 24/13 °C
  • 75/56 °F

Main Events and Festivals:

  • May Day (May 1)*

See Italy in May for more info

Rome in June

Average Temperature:

  • 28/17 °C
  • 83/63 °F

Main Events and Festivals:

  • June 2 – Republic Day*
  • Pentecost Sunday (dates vary)
  • June 29 – Feast Day of Saints Peter and Paul, Patron Saints of Rome*

See Italy in June for more info

Rome in July

Average Temperature:

  • 32/19 °C
  • 89/67 °F

Main Events and Festivals:

  • Summer Sales [Saldi] (dates vary)

See Italy in July for more info

Rome in August

Average Temperature:

  • 32/19 °C
  • 89/66 °F

Main Events and Festivals:

  • August 15 – Ferragosto*

See Italy in August for more info

Rome in September

Average Temperature:

  • 27/16 °C
  • 81/60 °F

Main Events and Festivals:

  • Notte Bianca Festival (dates vary)

See Italy in September for more info

Rome in October

Average Temperature:

  • 22/12 °C
  • 72/53 °F

Main Events and Festivals:

  • Rome Film Festival (dates vary)
  • October 31 – Halloween

See Italy in October for more info

Rome in November

Average Temperature:

  • 17/7 °C
  • 62/45 °F

Main Events and Festivals:

  • November 1 – All Saints Day*
  • November 2 – All Souls Day

See Italy in November for more info

Rome in December

Average Temperature:

  • 13/4 °C
  • 55/40 °F

Main Events and Festivals:

  • December 8 – Day of the Immaculate Conception*
  • December 24 – Christmas Eve
  • December 25 – Christmas Day*
  • December 26 – Saint Stephen’s Day*
  • December 31 – New Year’s Eve

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