The Best Place to Find Insurance For Italy Travel

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In the “before times,” I never really thought that much about insuring my travels. I sometimes ticked the box that added on basic coverage when completing a reservation on a travel booking site. But I rarely looked into travel insurance before I booked my flight.

I know I am not alone.

In 2021, Forbes published a list of the Best Pandemic Travel Insurance Plans. The 50 plans “were scored based on their Covid-related trip cancellation and medical benefits, and whether the plans offered ‘cancel for any reason’ coverage, which gives you the option to cancel and get some reimbursement no matter what the reason.”

If you’re traveling again and find the whole insurance process confusing, consider taking a look at TravelInsurance.com.

This insurance comparison site is like travel comparison site Kayak in that it lets you compare insurance coverage and rates from many different companies all at once, including the top-rated companies that Forbes lists in its article.

Beyond having travel insurance for peace of mind with regard to cancellations, you may also want to purchase it in case of emergency medical care.

“Non-EU citizens coming from countries not covered by the [European Health Insurance Card] agreement are provided with health services that must be paid for in accordance with the relative scale of charges,” explains Italy’s National Tourism Agency.

While your private insurance plan may cover your medical expenses while abroad, it may not.

Travel insurance coverage that includes generous coverage for medical emergencies is a worthwhile supplement to consider.

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Last updated on May 17th, 2023

Post first published on May 6, 2021