Sleeping Dog, Pompeii

Photo of a stray dog sleeping among the ruins of Pompeii.

A stray dog naps in the sun in Pompeii.

I write this post on the first of May, a public holiday in Italy. Primo Maggio is also known as Festa del Lavoro, a day to celebrate workers. May Day.

While the day is often used as a day for parades or demonstrations in honor of workers, it is also a day of recreation and relaxation, of outdoor concerts and long lunches.

There is no May Day this year. Those who have been working hard during the coronavirus crisis — the essential workers, the doctors and nurses, the grocery clerks, trash collectors, and delivery drivers — will continue to work hard. Meanwhile those who are marooned at home will wonder what day it is.

Italy is set to awake slowly from its slumber on 4 May. Two weeks later, on the 18th, museums and cultural sites, including Pompeii, are set to reopen.

What sites are you dreaming about?

Last Updated: December 14, 2020

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  1. I’d love to return to Palermo and see an opera at their famous opera house. This may have to wait, though. And the archaeological museum I somehow managed to miss during my trip last September to Ragusa, Sicily.

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