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italykeyIf you’re going to Italy for longer than a week, you may want to consider renting an apartment. An apartment rental allows you to come and go as you wish without the feeling of being a tourist. You can make your own meals (or eat them at the local cafe or trattoria) and establish a home base – perfect if, say, you want to base your entire trip in Rome and take just a few day trips.

Sure, you may not have a hotel pool, room service, or an elevator at your disposal if you rent an apartment. But you do get a better sense of the daily goings-on of your chosen city. Apartment rentals are also ideal for traveling families; you have to worry a little bit less if your tots are running amok.

You can find many Italy apartment rentals by searching in Google. Slow Travel – Italy has a number of them. But I am particularly impressed by Halldis, a holiday rental company with properties in 13 Italian cities and several other European destinations like London and Paris. The current roster of apartment locations include Bari, Genoa, Catania, Lake Como, Bologna, Milan, Venice, Rome, and Florence, to name a few. They haven’t even BEGUN to make inroads into the Tuscany market, so I’m sure that Halldis’ list of properties will continue to grow.

Just for the record, I have no affiliation with Halldis at all. I came across their website while researching apartment ideas for a friend. For a little taste of Halldis before you click over to book your apartment, have a look at this video.

Photo by Kuw_Son

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