Preferred Affiliates and Brands

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As a travel and lifestyle writer and reviewer, it’s my job to separate the wheat from the chaff. And as a person who has enjoyed blogging and marketing more and more as the years went on, I wanted to combine my art curator and writer side with my tech-minded and psychology-studying side to create a website that would skate on the edges of informational and e-commerce content.

As you may have read on the Affiliate Disclaimer, this site may earn commissions when users click on specific links to products and services. Affiliate links help website owners like me earn money from our websites. In my case, most commissions are poured right back into the maintenance and improvement of this website.

I am a self-taught affiliate marketer, which means that I am constantly testing what kinds of affiliation partnerships I can secure and also which ones make the most sense for my audience.

Most of my affiliate partnerships are with brands I already know and love. When there’s a product, service, or tour that I already like, I will reach out to the brand to become an affiliate. I’m going to be promoting them anyway—why not get a commission, right?

One such example of this is my recommendation of the Uniqlo lightweight down jacket on my what to pack page. I actually received one of these shell jackets as a gift some years back and it has been the perfect travel-around-the-world coat. It’s ideal for temperatures around 55°F (13°C) and up and it’s great because it crushes down to nothing and you can shove it in a backpack for an overnight flight (I always get cold on flights!). I’ve also worn it in the highlands of Sri Lanka, which can reach those same cool temperatures, being that they are so high in the mountains.

Italian and International Brands

As this is a travel and lifestyle website about Italy, I do my best to promote the best products and brands from Italy. But, as the example above indicates, I don’t recommend Italian brands exclusively. Rather, I highlight brands, products, and services that I like and trust for the matter at hand. So, I will recommend Birkenstocks and Adidas among the best shoes for travel.

The geography of my readers has also played a part in my selection of affiliate partners Given that the majority of my readers live in the U.S., I will recommend a U.S.-based store like Nordstrom or Bloomingdale’s for finding Made in Italy goods and my favorite Italian brands.

My Preferred Brands and Affiliate Partners

Below is an abridged listing of some of the companies I like—and like to promote—on this website. Clicking on the name or logo of the preferred brands below will take you to the website of same. If you click a link below and purchase something within a specific time window (usually sometime between 24 hours and 30 days), I may earn a commission from 1-4% on the purchase at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

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