Italian Cities

Before you plan your trip to Italy, take a moment to learn more about Italy’s cities and regions. Italy’s Largest Cities and Map The top 5 largest cities in Italy are, in order of population (2019 estimate): Check train rates and schedules: Planning to see Italy by car? 12 Most Popular Cities to Visit in … Read more

July in Italy: Weather, Holidays & Festivals

July is the time for music, and there are tons of festivals throughout Italy this month to keep all kinds of music lovers happy. Some of the best are highlighted below. What is the Weather in Italy in July? July in Italy is typically hot and dry from north to south. On average, July is … Read more

February in Italy: Weather, Holidays & Festivals

A costumed Carnevale celebrants in Venice

February is frigid in most parts of Italy, but is not without its festivities. There’s Valentine’s Day and Carnevale, and many Italian schools observe a winter break called Settimana Bianca — White Week — a time for skiing and sledding. What is the Weather in Italy in February? February in Italy is just as cold … Read more

April in Italy: Weather, Holidays & Festivals

Inside the Colosseum Ruins and Stage

With spring in full swing, April starts to gets busy with outdoor events, parades, and festivals. Easter usually falls during this month and Liberation Day, on the 25th, is a national holiday. What is the Weather in Italy in April? Parts of Italy can still be blustery and rainy in April. But overall, the weather … Read more

January in Italy: Weather, Holidays & Festivals

bird's eye view of village during winter

Italians celebrate the Christmas season through January 6, the Epiphany. So January begins with much fanfare, including New Years Day and Epiphany events as well as the start of the winter sales season. What is the Weather in Italy in January? On average, January is the coldest month in Italy. It’s also the snowiest month … Read more

Rome’s Museums On A Metro Map

Rome is often called an outdoor museum. But the capital also has dozens of museums to explore, not only in the Centro Storico but beyond the walls. Helping us locate all of these museums and galleries is a new map showing Rome’s museums as they relate to metro stops.

Photo of the Day: A Ray of Light in San Giovanni in Laterano

While hundreds wait in lines in the harsh sun to get into Saint Peter’s, the Archbasilica of San Giovanni in Laterano, also known as the Cathedral of Rome, is practically empty. San Giovanni is the oldest and largest papal basilica in Rome, although it has gone through many reconstructions over the years due to earthquakes, … Read more

In Rome, Hoteliers In Revolt Over State of the City

Selfie Stick seller down by the Colosseum

Roman hoteliers, who write that Rome’s 25 million annual tourists is only a quarter of the number that go to London, are less concerned about how tourists are affecting the city than how the city is affecting tourists.

Upcoming Fundraiser at the Sistine Chapel Turns Heads

Each day, as many as 20,000 visitors pay up to €16 per person to enter the Vatican Museums, the highlight of which is the Sistine Chapel. This coming weekend, reports Crux, approximately 40 fans of German automaker Porsche will get to pay up to €5,000 each to take a private tour of the Vatican, which includes dinner … Read more

Five Fabulous Art Works in Rome You May Have Missed

Deciding on a favorite piece of art in Italy is similar to picking a favorite child: it’s an impossible task. On some days, when thinking about Italy’s great art works, a certain color combo will grab me or maybe a dark mood has me preferring chiaroscuro over lighter fare. At any rate, this month’s Italy … Read more

When to Go to Italy: Tourist Seasons, Weather, and Holidays

Wondering when the best time is to go to Italy? Depending on whom you ask, you’ll probably get a different answer. But I’ll do my best to explain below and give my humble, but informed, opinions on when I think you should plan your trip to Italy. Weather in Italy Italy has one of the … Read more