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Comfort Me With Potatoes: A Tale of Two Tuber Dishes in Italy

The potato is a vegetable that no one really associates with Italy but it features in two dishes that some consider comfort fo

Falling For Italy: Three Fun Activities to Put on Your Italy Itinerary

Enjoy the outdoors in Italy with these three "fall" activities.

On Being Lost in Italy

The footsteps behind us were worrisome. With each step that landed on the worn, slightly slick cobblestones, an equal but louder pair of ...

Five Fabulous Art Works in Rome You May Have Missed

Deciding on a favorite piece of art in Italy is similar to picking a favorite child: it's an impossible task. On some days, when thinking about ...

Some Suggestions for Driving in Italy

Disclaimer: This post was written before I had the chance to fully appreciate driving (and parking) in Italy. While the below information still ...

What Is There to Write About Italy That Hasn’t Been Written Before?

Why do I write about Italy? As I sit here, trying to dream up a good answer to my first assignment as part of the Italy Blogging Roundtable, a ...

Favorite Italian Words: The Sequel

So many people enjoy learning Italian. It is so melodic - it's the language of beautiful poetry, music, and the closest to Latin, the "dead" ...

About Italofile

Ciao! My name is Melanie and I’ve been obsessed with Italy for most of my adult life. It’s hard to pinpoint when my affection turned into an ...