How to Watch Italian TV—From Anywhere—With a VPN

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One of the weird skills I have picked up from living all over the world is the ability to watch nearly anything with the help of a VPN.

I use my VPN to watch shows in Italy when I am outside of the country. Mostly Serie A matches. But I also like to be able to tap into Italian Netflix and shows on RAI from time to time.

I also use my VPN to watch American TV when I am in Italy or elsewhere. I love to be able to watch all the offerings on American Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN no matter where I am.

Express VPN

I apologize that this sounds like an ad. But I have used a lot of VPNs over the years and none have worked as well as Express VPN.

Express VPN has an app in the Apple App Store that you can use for watching TV and films on your phone or iPad. They also have an app on Amazon’s Firestick. The app makes it easy to turn on a location on your TV for wherever it is you want to get content.

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How I Watch TV Shows and Films With a VPN

I mentioned above that I use Amazon’s Firestick for watching programs. I use this for most of my TV and film viewing. Though occasionally I will watch something on my iPad.

Firestick seems to work better for watching shows with a VPN (compared to Apple TV et al). Plus it’s easier. Just download the Express VPN app on Firestick, set your location, and then choose the streaming service you want to watch.

Tip: If it doesn’t work right away, you may need to clear your cache or restart your Firestick.

Streaming Services

This post is not about how to watch things for free. Rather it is to help you use the services for which you or your friends or family members subscribe to.

I pay for my accounts to Netflix, Hulu, etc. And I feel like I should be able to use them wherever I want, even when I am outside of their viewable region.

Netflix has branches all over the world. So if you want to see what they are showing on Netflix Italia, all you need is your own Netflix account and a VPN. First, set the VPN to an Italian location. Then click on the app. Netflix will think you are in Italy and will give you the Netflix Italia menu.

How to Watch RAI

You can watch RAI, Italian public television, without an account. But you will need a VPN if you are not in Italy.

Turn on the VPN and set it to an Italian location. Then go to You should be able to see and watch whatever is available on the RaiPlay site. If you want to save your favorites, then you will need to create an account. I did this and it was a simple, free registration. Though, you will need to know some Italian to be able to get through the registration process.

How to Watch Serie A Soccer

I have found that the easiest way to watch Serie A soccer is via the ESPN app. This is an American channel. So, if you are not in the USA, then you will need a VPN set to a location in the United States. I pay for the Serie A add-on for ESPN then log in to my account on my Firestick or iPad.

Another way to watch Serie A soccer is with DAZN. As of this writing, DAZN just replaced Sky as the premier broadcaster of Serie A. The process of watching Italian football with DAZN is the same as with ESPN, explained above.

For even more Italian football and other sports, there’s the SportItalia website and the individual team channels on YouTube.


Why take this advice from me? When I’m not writing about Italy, I am an IT help desk professional, my family’s personal technician, and an all-around nerd. 🙂

If you’re trying to figure out how to watch a certain Italian program or network that is not listed above, let me know. I can probably give you pointers. And it will be something else I can add to the list to help others.