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Capturing the Photos and Stories of the Humans of Rome

One of the biggest cliches - and truths - you will hear from travelers is how the best part of visiting a place is the people. Although tourists have been saying that for decades, it wasn't until recently that portraits of people in the city in which they live became just as popular as images of ...

Fendi Baguette

Silvia Venturini Fendi, the granddaughter of the founder of Fendi, conceived of the minimalist Fendi Baguette for the Rome-based design house's 1997 Fall/Winter collection. Meant to be worn tucked under the arm—like a French baguette—the stylish and functional Baguette has remained a status symbol ...

Superga 2750 Classic Tennis Shoes

A name synonymous with Turin, Superga is the brand that makes Italy's iconic casual tennis shoe. Made of canvas with a vulcanized rubber sole, Superga's 2750 tennis shoes were first introduced in 1925 and come in dozens of colors.

Torino Tickets

Torino is a storied football team from Turin, Piemonte, currently competing in the Serie A. Here are several ways to buy tickets to a Torino match: Torino website Torino Tickets on ViaGoGo Torino Tickets on StubHub

The 20 Regions of Italy

Italy is made up of 20 regions, each with its own history, flavors, customs, and local dialects. Some regions, like Tuscany and Sicily, are well-known as travel destinations, while others like Lazio, Lombardy, and Piemonte, are overshadowed by their capitals Rome, Milan, and Turin. It's ...

Juventus Tickets

Juventus is one of the premier football clubs of Serie A. Here are several ways to buy tickets to a Juventus match: Juventus website Juventus Tickets on ViaGoGo Juventus Tickets on StubHub


On the other side of the Chianti countryside from Florence is Siena, a Tuscan town rife with tradition and mood. Siena is best known as the site of the Palio. This twice-yearly, bareback horserace is held in the central Piazza del Campo, the heart of this UNESCO city. The Palio is a race ...

Piemonte Travel Guide

Elegant and understated but also industrial and innovative, Piemonte (Piedmont) is the realm of the royal House of Savoy and the home of Fiat. The regional capital, Turin (Torino), is Italy's fourth largest city. It was the first capital of unified Italy (1861) and it is where you will find the ...

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