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Florentine Marbled Paper

Florentine marbled paper is a popular souvenir from Florence. But you can also order it online from skilled artisans from Italy and elsewhere.

Chianti: Tuscany’s Subregion Known For Its Famous Red Wine

The verdant swath of winding hills and country roads known as Chianti is what Tuscan dreams are made of. Silvery olive groves, lone cypresses, and an almond and green patchwork of tilled land form a gorgeous terrestrial tapestry. And, set among the rows of grapevines are medieval walls and ...

The 20 Regions of Italy

Italy is made up of 20 regions, each with its own history, flavors, customs, and local dialects. Some regions, like Tuscany and Sicily, are well-known as travel destinations, while others like Lazio, Lombardy, and Piemonte, are overshadowed by their capitals Rome, Milan, and Turin. It's ...

Le Marche Travel Guide

The Marches region, known as Le Marche (lay Mar-kay) in Italian, is a tangle of contradictions. Its wild landscape of craggy hills and dramatic mountains gives way to lush forests and pristine beaches. The tidy, sleepy hill towns and farming villages that dot the sage- and wheat-colored patchwork ...

Lombardy Travel Guide

The richest and most populous of Italy's regions, Lombardy is home to Milan. Milan is not only the capital of Lombardy, but also Italy's capital of fashion, finance, and media. Known as Lombardia in Italian, Lombardy derives its name from the Longobards, a Germanic kingdom that ruled large ...

Top Things to See and Do in Rome

You will need several lifetimes to see all there is to see in Rome. Rome is so full of everything, from big monuments to tiny details, that you will definitely feel overwhelmed by it all. Finding things to do in Rome is easy. The problem is figuring out what not to see, especially if you ...

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