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Wooden, with a sturdy back that resembles the distinctive spires of Milan's Gothic Duomo, this sublime chair designed by Cosimo de Vita is part of the Cityng ...

AC Milan is one of the premier football clubs of Serie A. Here are several ways to buy tickets to an AC Milan match: website AC Milan ...

Inter Milan is one of the premier football clubs of Serie A. Here are several ways to buy tickets to an Inter Milan match: Inter Milan website Inter ...

Maurizio Catellan's L.O.V.E., a provocative sculpture in front of the Milan Stock Exchange, is more than an irreverent gesture.

The Duomo is magnificent. But do you know what else to do in Milan? Here are three ideas for first time visitors to Milan.

Get to know the Milano Duomo, the most famous landmark in Milan.

Help preserve the Gothic spires of the Milano Duomo via the Adopt a Spire initiative.

I'm very lucky. The very first time I tasted risotto was in Milan. We were en route to Verona and ate the creamy, saffron-tinted risotto milanese at the train ...

Italy's love affair with coffee is evident in its bustling cafés up and down the peninsula. Learn more about Italy's iconic coffee culture.

Want to enjoy the ultimate gastronomic experience in Italy? Here are the best restaurants in Italy, including its Michelin-starred restaurants.

See the world's best-known operas performed in an ancient arena in the heart of Verona.

Find guided tours, skip-the-line tickets, day trips, and other tickets and packages for Italy travel, events, and exhibits.

The exquisite, suggestive, and timeless beauty of Fornasetti's iconic design is perfected in his famous dome plates.

If it's top among Italians, it must be good! The Italy Quality of Life survey is a great way to learn about places to live in or visit.

Curated Black Friday and Cyber Week deals for italophiles and those who love them.

Find out what is happening in Italy right now or right before your trip with the Interactive Italy Calendar. Events and tips are updated daily! For ...

Here are more than 20 reasons to be excited about the 2022/23 Serie A season. Will you be rocking a new Serie A kit this year?

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