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There’s Only One Rome

This well-produced vimeo short captures Rome quite well.

ROME. from Jeremy Janin on Vimeo.

I chose to put this 9-month-old vid on the blog today to let everyone know that my family is set to move to Rome this summer. It’s going to be a big, very busy year. But I’m looking forward to getting to the other side so I can share the Eternal City (and Italy side trips) with all of you.

Happy 2014, everyone! Buon anno!

The Seven Hills of Rome: What Are They and What Can You See?


Map via Wikipedia


The Seven Hills of Rome mark the traditional boundaries of the city. It was on these seven hills – Aventine, Caelian, Capitoline, Esquiline, Palatine, Quirinal, and Viminal – that the first settlements of Rome began and these seven hills were the ones protected within the Servian Walls. The foundations, gates, and ruins of these 4th century-BC walls can still be seen in some parts of the city. Subsequent builds of fortifications in Rome, such as the Aurelian Walls (3rd century AD) and the Leonine City (9th century AD) included other hills (Janiculum, Vatican, Pincian), but the original Seven Hills are the ones in bold above and included within the red border in the map to the right.

Now that you’ve had a short history lesson, you may be wondering what you can see today on Rome’s Seven Hills. Rather than tell you, I thought I would use the power of Google’s Street View to show you.

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Capturing the Photos and Stories of the Humans of Rome

Humans of Rome

One of the biggest cliches – and truths – you will hear from travelers is how the best part of visiting a place is the people. Although tourists have been saying that for decades, it wasn’t until recently that portraits of people in the city in which they live became just as popular as images of buildings, bridges, and landscapes.

Humans of New York, Brandon Stanton’s photography project that he started in 2010 and that went viral over the past summer, has become the template that all other human/city photo tributes copy. Now there is Humans of Rome.

Woman in Front of Termini Station

"A Real-Life Fashion Show" in Rome's Centro Storico

Humans of Rome, begun by Roman photographer Marco in April 2012, captures the unique spirit of the Eternal City. Marco juxtaposes ancient and modern by capturing Romans of every color, creed, and age standing in Rome’s cobbled streets, posing next to fast Italian cars, marble fountains, thousand-year-old structures, and iconic umbrella pines.

I think many travelers forget that Rome is a dynamic city – a city of tradition, yes, but also one teeming with expats and immigrants. Marco’s Humans of Rome includes them all. I hope this beautiful, photographic love letter to one of my favorite cities in the world continues and spawns offshoots in Florence, Bologna, Naples, Milan, Torino, Venice…

Go check out Humans of Rome now to see the photos and read the stories (most in both English and Italian).

All photos by Humans of Rome

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